Top 10 Most Populated Urban Areas in the World.

I always look this up and get a billion different statistics each with different answers. Plus most sources were personal estimates or from Wikipedia. Well, I happen to have a National Geographic Atlas made in 2010 that has a section with the largest urban areas. An urban area is the actual city including small surrounding cities like Dallas and Fort Worth. Well, here is the true top 10.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is without a doubt the most populated urban area in the world. It has the city itself with 26 satellite cities, seven satellite towns, and eight satellite villages. This includes the huge city of Yokohama.

City Population: 12,360,000
Urban Area: 32,327,000

2. Mexico City, Mexico

Not even close to Tokyo, but still in second. Its satellite cities include the large cities of Ecatepec and Netzahualcoyotl. It’s growth is slower than Tokyo so it can’t ever pass Tokyo, but it will still be in the top 10 for a long time!

City population: 8,605,239
Urban Area: 19,013,000

3. New York City, USA

The Big Apple. New York was the only city over 10 million in 1950 and since then it’s still number three. You could say this city is a veteran on this list. You know Brooklyn? It used to be its own city until New York absorbed it in 1898.

City Population: 8,084,316
Urban Area: 18,498,000

4. Mumbai, India

Also known as Bombay, this city is one of the fastest growing on the planet. It also is known for “Bollywood”. Bollywood is India’s filming studio and makes 900 every year.

City Population: 11,914,398
Urban Area: 18,336,000

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil

This city wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for it’s coffee industry. It also produces half of Brazil’s industrial goods. Because of this, the city recieved many people and immigrants looking for jobs giving the city the nickname “Instant Giant”.

City Population: 10,434,252
Urban Area: 18,333,000

6. Delhi, India

Always a large city, Delhi was the capital of many dynasties until the British built a new city called New Delhi. But now India has Delhi as it’s capital.

City Population: 9,817,439
Urban Area: 15,334,000

7. Kolkata, India

Also known as Calcutta, this was also an important city in British India. It was even it’s capital until 1912 when it was moved to New Delhi

City Population: 4,580,544
Urban Area: 14,299,000

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

City of Good Air. Ironic because it has a polution problem. Buenos Aires has also been a large city for a long time. It’s beef and grain industry fueled the city up to the present.

City Population: 2,776,138
Urban Area: 13,349,000

9. Jakarta, Indonesia

Capital of Indonesia, this city was and is an important trading center from it’s founding when the Netherlands colonized Indonesia until its independence.

City Population: 8,389,433
Urban Area: 13,194,000

10. Shanghai, China

Finally! A city from China! Although China is the most populated country in the world, it only has two cities over 10 million. Beijing and Shanghai. Shanghai means city on the sea and it is a large port.

City Population: 9,231,000
Urban Area: 12,665,000


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2 Responses to Top 10 Most Populated Urban Areas in the World.

  1. jmae says:

    Just making sure, your #s are from National Geographic? or how did you get your populations numbers? Thanks

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