My Opinions on Taiwan

As you may or may not know, the People’s Republic of China claims the island-country of Taiwan as its 23rd province. Taiwan claims that it is an independent country. Many people are divided on this issue. This even includes the U.N.. What is my opinion? First, lets start with how the P.R.C. and Taiwan were created.

The year is 1911. The Qing Empire is trying to stop a revolution. But they cannot. Soon they are overthrown. Sun Yat-Sen then forms the Republic of China. (Not the People’s Republic of China.) Although Sun Yat-Sen is president, a man by the name of Yuan Shikai really had the power. Yuan  wanted his own dynasty.

Yuan Shikai

 However, when he died, it was chaos. The Republic of China had to deal with warlords. Different cliques and warlords would seize control of various provinces. Sun Yat-Sen died and was succeded by Chaing Kai-Shek. In 1924, the CCP or Chinese Communist Party, was formed. The communists under Mao Zeodong and the Kuomintang or Nationalist party under Chaing Kai-Shek agreed to work together to defeat these warlords.

Chaing Kai-Shek (left) and Mao Zeodong (right)

 It worked. But then the communists wanted to control China for themselves. Civil war errupted. But then in 1932 and later again in 1937 – 1945, Japan invaded China. Once again, they agreed to work together. After World War II, the civil war continued. But due to moves such as the Long March and others, the Communists were all together in a stronghold in the north. They captured Chunking, the capital, and other cities. In 1949, Chaing Kai-Shek retreated his troops to the island of Taiwan. The communists formed the People’s Republic of China. In 1950 they took the island of Hainan and thought they had won. But Chaing still had control of Taiwan and other islands in case for “a return” to the mainland. But it never happened. And soon it reached the current dispute. Although Chaing Kai-shek died in the 80s and it became a democratic government in Taiwan, it is still the Republic of China. Therefore, Taiwan IS a country. But sadly as the P.R.C.’s influence and powers grow, it might change.

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