7 Things That Are Happening That Might Not be Good.

There are some things that are inevitable. Some of those things can be a shock. Either way, read this and arm yourselves with knowledge.

7. We’re running out of Helium.

Woop-de-doop. No more balloons. Not just that. A LOT of technology needs Helium. If we run out, we better think of a better way to make it. Unfortunately, Helium prices are actually going down.

6. We’re running out of chocolate.

OMG! We’re gonna be miserable!!! Well sort of. African and South American people who make the cocao beans to make the chocolate are declining. Either they move to the city or another country for a better life or they refuse to make it due to low wages. Now we are consuming chocolate more than producing it.

5. We now have very realistic and free-willed robots.

Yup. The time has come. In Japan and Korea (mostly), they have made very realistic looking robots. They also have free-will. They are helping the elderly, cooking, and babysitting our kids.

4. Robots in the army.

The US now has a few robots in the army. Although they have no free will, some nihilistic idiot will probably send a virus to overide that. Then it will be a robot apocalypse.

3. Population keeps growing and growing and growing…

The population is growing to big. The truth is, despite China’s one child policy, the world’s population keeps getting another billion every 2 – 3 years. And that rate keeps increasing. Sure, for now we have plenty of room, but the main problem is resources. Did you know that if every single country consumed as much as the United States, we’d need 4 Earths to satisfy everyone. And the U.S. isn’t stopping. But the world is trying to catch up.

2. China will surpass the U.S.

Okay, this is only bad for Americans. But China in terms of economy and power will surpass the U.S.. If we give an estimated worth for the entire U.S. economy, it would be worth 15.58 trillion dollars. (Which, by the way, is our entire debt…) China’s economy is worth 7.8 trillion dollars. China is number 2 while we are numero uno. China keeps growing at 9% a year while we grow at only 1% a year. This means that by 2016, even if their rates decrease, we will no longer be number one. Our rates won’t increase because we will be too busy with our debt. We better do something fast.

1. The world will probably reach another Great Depression

Despite China’s huge growth, due to the one child policy, their rise in production rate is decreasing. This means after they will become number one, they will decline in growth. Considering the E.U. and the U.S. have debts in which most of it belongs to China, this will mean we will be recieving more interest and less goods. The economy will burst.

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