Salem Witch Survival Test

Halloween is coming up. A lot of people dress as witches. (which are actually different than wizards) A long time ago in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, three puritan girls, bored, acted that they were bewitched. They acused dozens of innocent people who either got hanged, life in prison, or some other form of death. Here is a single question quiz that determines your survival if you were accused as a witch. Results are at the bottom. Don’t peak and please answer the poll first.





If you picked you were going to leave, good luck. What about your family and property? Plus this is the 1600s. Everywhere that’s not a city is wilderness. Where would you go?

Shifting the blame is a good idea. It was done and it did work.

If you confessed guilty, you are smart. You would spend life in prison (or at least until the governor decided that these witch trials were stupid) instead of being hanged.

Stand trial? HA! You would be found guilty and be hanged. Just like 19 people who picked this option.

Don’t ignore the whole thing. A man tried that and got killed by having heavy stones pressed on his chest until he died of lack of air.

How’d you do? Did you stay alive?


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