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I was going to do a story on Gaddafi’s death. But everyone knows about that by now. It is literally yesterday’s news. So I’m going to make a review on two movies I recently saw. Don’t worry, no major spoiler alerts.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Well, let me tell you. Better than I expected. For those who don’t know, the Planet of the Apes was a movie back in the 60s. In that movie, a man who gets sent into space crash lands onto a planet full of intelligent apes. At the end, he finds a broken statue of liberty and realizes that while he was in space, the apes got smart and took over the world. In this movie, it is a prequel of how the apes took over. If there is one thing I learned, don’t abuse animals. It will bite you back in the butt. They did a great way of showing how it happened. And the CGI characters were great. Even though it was like 2 hours, I never got bored.

Grade: A


This movie made me a temperary germophobe. In this movie, if it isn’t already obvious, a deadly virus infects the world and kills a lot of people. It was very sad and scary (especially that something like this has actually happened. Look up Spanish Influenza.). And at the end they explained how the disease started, which is a mystery in the movie.

Grade: B +


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