My Music Chart 12/14/2011

I like a lot of music. Right now I’m in a heavy metal streek, but I still listen to a lot of music. Anyways, I’m going to show my current favorite songs in a chart every once and a while so you get an idea of what I listen too. Most songs don’t stay #1 for long. Don’t expect too many pop or rap songs though. And country is rare this moment.

1. Disposable Heroes – Metallica

2. One – Metallica

3. Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars

4. Awake and Alive – Skillet

5. Battery – Metallica

6. I’m Alright – Kenny Loggins

7. Seek and Destroy – Metallica

8. Paranoid – Black Sabbath

9. Creeping Death – Metallica

10. Stricken – Disturbed

About KaiserTigerstar

I have a blog that is about relatively short pieces of information and stories. This is also the blog for my YouTube channel "emperortigerstar".
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