Kim Jong Il is dead!

My my my… this has been a great year hasn’t it? The Arab Spring has caused several dictators such as Gaddhafi lose their power, die, or both. Osama Bin Laden was killed and the U.S. pulled out of Iraq. It seems that Kim Jong Il was the next dictator to fall. But suprisingly and yet not suprisingly, he died not of revolution, but of “pure exhaustion” according to the North Korean government.

An odd thing is that he has two records of birth. He was either born in Vyatskoye, U.S.S.R. on Feb. 16th 1941 according to the Soviet records or he was born on Baekdu Mountain on Feb. 16th, 1942 in Japanese-held Korea according to North Korean records. He died on Saturday, Dec. 17th, but the government didn’t announce this to anyone, not even the public, until this morning on Monday, Dec. 19th. Who will succeed him? His son Kim Jong-Un. He has little experience, yet China, for now, supports his regime. Lets hope he doesn’t do something stupid.

Our next North Korean dictator



Suprisingly, he was picked over Kim Jong Il’s first two sons. While he is in charge of the military and the official leader of North Korea, it has not been decided if he will be the chairman of the Communist Party. 

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