Top 5 Nations/Empires That Changed the World

Please note that I do not put dynasties together. As a result, China and India are not on this list. Also, countries like say the French Republic are different than the Kingdom of France.

5. Spanish Empire 1492 – 1898

Why?: Columbus sailed under Spain. Spain therefore colonized almost all of central and south America and destroyed almost all native culture there. They also started a smallpox epidemic that killed 90% of all Native Americans. Not to mention they also did the Spanish Inquisition. Yikes!

4. Frankish Empire 481–814

Well, these guys stopped the Muslim expansion in the west. If these guys fell, Europe (and consequently, the Americas and Australia) would all be Muslim. The Franks also started the Holy Roman Empire.

3. Rashidun Caliphate 632–661

Why?: Well, these guys started Islam and began conquering their neighboring states and spreading the religion. While this caliphate only took Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Arabia, they are the reason dynasties after them still conquered many lands. Plus, they brought the Arabic language and writing script to various cultures. Also, they gave us a drink you probably couldn’t live without: coffee.

2. Roman Empire (27 BC – AD 395)

Well, the Romans not only conqured the land around Mediterraenean Sea and spread Western culture, these guys also crucified Jesus, therefore starting Christianity. They also eventually became the first Christian state and started the Roman Catholic Church. Not to mention, without them, we wouldn’t have Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Italian language and culture. They also inspired the Rennaisance.

1. United States of America (1776 – )

Why?: Ok, I’m not biased. I have several good reasons. America, first off, inspired many revolutions and became the first country to give people the freedom of speech as well as the press. Plus, they gave us…phones, cell phones, smart phones, computers, internet, TV, trains, cars, airplanes, ironclad ships, atomic weapons, movies, radio, photographs, cameras, rock, country, rap, jazz, blues, soda, fast food, and much much more. Plus the U.S. turned the tide of WW1 and ended WW2.

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