Cleanest and Dirtiest Cities in America

American cities do not have the worst air, nor the best. But there are very polluted cities in the United States. A website called CityMayor posted some interesting study the American Lung Association. Introducing: The Top 25 dirtiest and cleanest cities in America (as of the end of 2011)

The most polluted US cities
(By particle pollution)
1 Bakersfield, CA
2 Los Angeles, CA
3 Phoenix, AZ
4 Visalia, CA
5 Hanford, CA
6 Fresno, CA
7 Pittsburgh, PA
8 Birmingham, AL
9 Cincinnati, OH
10 Louisville, KY
11 Modesto, CA
12 Charleston, WV
13 Cleveland, OH
14 Steubenville, OH
15 Huntington, WV
16 Indianapolis, IN
17 Detroit, MI
18 Houston, TX
19 St. Louis, MO
20 Hagerstown, MD
21 New York City, NY
22 Dayton, OH
23 Lancaster, PA
24 Knoxville, TN
25 Parkersburg, WV

The 25 cleanest US cities
(By particle pollution)
1 Cheyenne, WY
2 Santa Fea, NM
3 Tucson, AZ
4 Great Falls, MT
5 Honolulu, HI
6 Anchorage, AK
7 Albuquerque, NM
8 Amarillo, TX
9 Redding, CA
10 Salinas, CA
11 Bismarck, ND
12 Boise, ID
13 Billings, MT
14 Cape Coral, FL
15 Flagstaff, AZ
16 Fort Collins, CO
17 Palm Bay, FL
18 Sarasota, FL
19 Claremont, NH
20 Port St. Lucie, FL
21 Rapid City, SD
22 Duluth, MN
23 Fargo, ND
24 Bangor, ME
25 Burlington, VT

Bakersfield?!? Yes, Bakersfield is the most polluted city. Don’t believe me? Have a (cough) look.


But wait! There’s more!

• Roughly half the people (50.3%) in the United States live in counties that have unhealthful levels of either ozone or particle pollution. Almost 154.5 million Americans live in the 366 counties where they are exposed to unhealthful levels of air pollution in the form of either ozone or short-term or year-round levels of particles.

• Roughly one in 17 people – more than 18.5 million in the United States – live in 10 counties with unhealthful levels of all three measures covered in the report: ozone and short-term and year-round particle pollution.

• The strongest improvement came in reducing ozone smog levels across the nation. More than half of the country’s most-smog-polluted cities experienced their best year yet. All metro areas in the 25 cities most-polluted by ozone showed improvement over last year’s report. Still nearly half the people in the US (48.2%) live in areas with unhealthful levels of ozone pollution.

• All but two of the 25 cities most polluted by year-round levels of particle pollution (sometimes called soot) improved over last year’s report. Nineteen of those cities reported their best-ever particle pollution levels.

• Success in reducing short-term particle pollution levels varied among metro areas. Twelve of the most polluted cities saw improvement compared to last year’s report, while 17 had worse problems with these spikes in particle levels.


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