The Ides of March

I know, I know. The ides of March occured yesterday. But many did not know what it meant. So today I will explain. On a Roman calender, ides meant the 15th (most of the time). So thats why its March 15th. But why you should beware the ides is a different story.

In the Roman Republic, they had two consuls and a senate. Much like our government, the consuls and senators were elected by the people. But if there was an emergency, they could elect a dictator who would have the powers of a king for six months. When Julius Caeser became dictator after a civil war, he made himself dictator for life. He was warned that in 44 BC, senators were planning to kill him. He didn’t believe it, but it happened. On the ides of March, all 100 senators stabbed him at least once. He died. And that, my friends, is why you should beware…

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I have a blog that is about relatively short pieces of information and stories. This is also the blog for my YouTube channel "emperortigerstar".
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