Avengers in the Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies of All Time

Avengers Assemble!


Well that was quick. In 19 days, the Avengers made 1 billion dollars in 19 days. That is a world record. It has shattered the records set by Hunger Games and may become the highest grossing movie of all time in the US. Maybe. If you look at USA Box Office Charts not counting inflation, here is what the top 5 are. Source: IMDB.

Now technically, if you look at worldwide box office scores, it’s number 6. But it won’t take long.

Rank Title USA Box Office
1. Avatar (2009) $760,505,847
2. Titanic (1997) $600,779,824
3. The Dark Knight (2008) $533,316,061
4. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) $460,935,665
5. The Avengers (2012) $457,078,000

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