Eastern Asia to Dominate Financially by 2050

I was reading a CNN article about how apparently by the year 2050, Asia will dominate financially in terms of GDP per capita. While you can read about the CNN article here, on this post I will show the estimated top 5 GDP per capitas of 2050.

A new survey projects that Singapore will - by a wide margin - be home to the wealthiest citizens in 2050 with per capital income estimated at $137,710.

1. Singapore  ($137,710)

Hong Kong will rank second in 2050, with per capital income estimated at $116,639.

2. Hong Kong (assuming its still autonomous by this point…) ($116,639)

Taiwan residents will rocket into the top five in the next 40 years, with a projected average income of $114,093.

3. Taiwan ($114,093)

World-beating conglomerates such as Samsung will help propel South Korea to the fourth most affluent country in the world in 2050 with per capita income estimated at $107,752.

4. South Korea ($107,752)

The Knight Frank-Citi Wealth Report estimates the United States will be the only western nation to remain in the top five with per capita income of $100,802.

5. The United States of America ($100,802)

Yeah, the United States is the only western nation in the top 5. Well, congrats Tiger Economies.

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