Apple: Now the Most Valuable Stock of All Time

Today, Apple’s stock reached $664.74. This put its market cap at $623 billion. This made Apple the world’s most valuable stock in history. Who had this all time record before? Microsoft way back in Dec 30, 1999. $618.9 billion was the record held by Microsoft thanks to its computer monopoly in the 1990s. It declined from that point but no other company’s stock reached it until today after almost 12 years.

Thanks to innovative companies like the record breaker Apple, this empire collapsed. In fact, Microsoft’s stock compared to Apple’s over the past decade or so was miniscule.

Congrats to Apple for breaking what was left of the once mighty Microsoft Empire.

Although to be fair, if you adjust for inflation, according to the AP, Microsoft’s original record equals about $850 billion in today’s dollars. Still, Apple will beat it eventually

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