Why the Balkan Countries Hate Each Other

Anyone who constantly does things on the internet such as YouTube will at one point find some Hungarian arguing with a Romanian of some Bulgarian arguing with a Serb. The Balkan countries pretty much hate each other thanks to centuries of rivalry and thanks to the rise of nationalism. This post is going to explain how the Balkan Powder Keg occured. But first, where is the balkans? The Balkans are in southeastern Europe.

This area is the Balkans. This map shows the modern-day borders. Kosovo is not included.

So, in medieval times and through the renaissance, the Ottoman Empire, which originated from modern-day Turkey, took over the entire Balkans all the way up to the gates of Vienna. At one point, all of the major ethnic groups had a major empire or state within the Balkans. But they were at different periods. So when nationalism rose in the region, all of these peoples wanted to reestablish their great empires, but naturally they couldn’t overlap their territories. When the Ottomans declined, other nations took advantage. Russia, like most Balkan peoples with the exception of Hungarians, Albanians, Romanians, and Greeks, were Slavs. Russia wanted to create a bunch of slavic allies to further weaken the Ottomans and to spread its influence. In 1815, the Ottomans had several vassals: Montenegro, Moldavia, and Wallachia. In 1817, the vassal of Serbia is created after a revolution. In 1829, Greece gains independence. Russia takes advantage of the weakening Ottomans. In 1868, after much pressure, the vassals of Wallachia and Moldavia are united into the Vassal of Romania. Then, in 1876, Russia declares war on the Ottomans and wins. As a result, in 1878, Serbia, Romania, and Montenegro gain full independence. Then the Vassal of Bulgaria is created. In 1909, Bulgaria gains independence. The only thing that the Balkan nations agree on is that they want the Ottomans out. In 1912, the Balkan Wars begin. Albania gains independence and the Ottomans are out of the Balkans accept for Eastern Thrace. But when the peace treaty is made, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece are satisfied, but Bulgaria is not. Bulgaria wanted Macedonia and Western Thrace. The Second Balkan War occurs and Bulgaria loses. But the rivalry continues. In World War 1 and World War 2, they all fight each other and bring Hungary into the mix as Romania takes Transylvania. It may be de jure peaceful in the Balkans, but the tension is still there…

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