5 Good Bands You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Here are five bands you should listen to if you get a chance. These are five bands you haven’t probably heard of. But believe me, these bands are great.


5. Carolina Liar

OK, maybe you might remember this one a bit. For those of you struggling to remember, these guys had a relatively popular single “Show Me What I’m Lookin For”. But after that, you never really heard from these guys again. But I can say that their entire albums front to back are great. These guys are rock, alternative, and pop.

Recommended Songs: I’m Not Over, Show Me What I’m Lookin For, California Bound


4. Scorched Earth Policy

These guys are a modern/thrash metal band that has a bit of growling but have great songs. A few of their sounds even have an industrial sound. They also do instrumentals.

Recommended Songs: Train Rolls Without You, Mourn Again


3. Exit 714

These guys are a local band from near St. Louis, Missouri. They also do modern metal and have more of a yell than a scream or growl. They add bits of funk to their music to give it a great sound. I saw these guys live and they have great talent. Warning: These guys have vulgar lyrics.

Recommended Songs: Funk Yo Music, Backwards J, Firebase Ripcord


2. Godspeed

This is a single dude from Japan that plays guitar only and has a drummer. They make nothing but rock instrumentals and are fantastic. They’re entire collection is here:


Recommended Songs: April Fools, Black Rain, The Final Battle


1. Iron Horse

This band is popular among metal and bluegrass fans on the internet. Wait…metal and…bluegrass? Yup. These guys play popular metal songs by Metallica, Guns N Roses, in bluegrass style. They are awesome.

Recommended Songs: Ride the Lightning, Sweet Child O’ Mine.

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